Grand Canyon-Parashant Sampler

Instructors: Ivo Lucchitta, PhD, Richard Reynolds, PhD, Gary Ladd, and Grand Canyon-Parashant NM Staff

Mt Logan MuseGrand Canyon-Parashant was dedicated as a national monument in the last days of the Clinton administration. The Monument, which is located on the Colorado Plateau in northwestern Arizona, encompasses the lower portion of the Shivwits Plateau, an important watershed for the Colorado River and Grand Canyon. It borders Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area to the east and south, the Nevada border to the west and the Grand Staircase of southern Utah to the north.

This remote and rarely visited area contains phenomenal geological features, rich biological diversity and a multitude of prehistoric and historic sites. Mount Trumbull is situated in ponderosa pine forest on the Uinkaret Plateau between Toroweap Valley and Whitmore Wash. The handsome and comfortable BLM Nixon cabin will serve as the base of operations during this six-day event. Enjoy luxury camping (dorm-style bunks available, or pitch your tent) with full bathroom facilities and excellent meals—all you have to do is hike and learn!

Nixon CabinThis Sampler is perfect for those who desire cushier accommodations—camp or bunk with full bath and shower facilities in Nixon Cabin—nestled in the peaceful pine forest between Mt. Logan and Mt. Trumbull. Explore the remote rugged deep canyons, mountains and lonely buttes of this vast monument and wilderness area.

Class Highlights


  • The Mystery of Toroweap Fault: Lecture at Toroweap overlook and moderate to strenuous hikes from the Overlook to Tuckup Trail, Saddle Horse Spring, or climb Vulcan’s Throne.
  • Mt. Logan: a moderate hike to the top of Mt. Logan provides spectacular views of the Grand Canyon to San Francisco Peaks and lends a perfect setting for a talk about geology!


  • Easy hike to the Nampaweap Rock Art Panel. Located on the natural travel way from the mountains to the Grand Canyon benches and valley floors, Nampaweap has been used for centuries by the inhabitants of the area and is essentially a billboard area with messages posted to travelers.
  • Easy hike to the nearby Uinkaret pueblo ruins at Mt. Trumbull; talk about the prehistory of the Mt. Trumbull area.


  • Richard Reynolds, PhD, has studied goshawks at Mount Trumbull for 14 years and will guide the group on a moderate hike up Mt. Trumbull while entertaining you with stories of the trials & tribulations of goshawk research.

Fire & Forest Management

  • Fire has always been a major force in shaping the Western landscape.
  • Learn how the "Smokey Bear" theory of suppressing fire has dangerously altered the natural configuration of the forest and how land management agencies propose to change that.

After Dinner Slideshows, Bedtime Stories and Stargazing